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Stock Market Strategies and Techniques
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Stock Market Strategies and Techniques

On this page is a list of stock market strategies and techniques other than my own, that other traders have said they’ve used successfully or that I’ve read about over the years. I have never traded them and have no idea how well they work.

I thought I’d include some other methods in this site other than my own stock market strategies, for the purpose of getting beginners to think for themselves and consider different trading ideas.

It doesn’t really matter whether the following methods work well or not. The whole idea is for you to consider different ways to create trading strategies and to understand that there are many ways to approach the market.

In other words, think of this page as sort of a stock market strategies and techniques ‘ideas page’. By the way, feel free to share ideas or strategies with visitors, if you’d like to, at the bottom of this page.

My day trading strategies, which are mostly different variations of breakout trading and price action trading are only a few ways to extract money from the markets. There are many different ways traders can make a living from the markets.

Learn to think independently, objectively and originally. Don’t accept as fact anything anyone tells you, including me. Do your own homework — do plenty of impartial, unbiased, analysis, before risking your money.

While at the same time, try be open-minded to new ideas. Take pieces or ideas from my own strategies if you like, take a look at the methods below, learn other methods, and while you are considering how to put everything together, don’t lose sight of the overall purpose of putting together complete day trading systems (entry, stop, exit & position size), as well as the goal of achieving positive expectancy with those systems.

One thing that most beginners try to do is concentrate on one, and only one system to trade. All stock market strategies are going to go through miserable losing streaks. It happens to every one of them. It’s called a drawdown. Your largest drawdowns are going to come about through either your longest losing streaks or multiple groups of losing streaks.

Why bring this up? Well, if you have several decent stock market strategies to trade, it’s possible that when one or two is going through a bad drawdown and losing money, others could possibly be picking up the slack and at least bring your account to near breakeven or maybe even a profit for the day or week. Having more than one strategy can have the effect of smoothing out your equity curve.

Sure there will be times when your best method(s) will be producing really well, and you’ll say to yourself “Maybe I should just trade this one strategy since it’s really hot and these other ones are just holding me back with small losses right now”. I can assure you that if you’re working with systems that have a long term positive expectancy, it’s only a matter of time before the hot system hits a drawdown and the losing systems have their day in the sun. There’s just no way of knowing in advance which one is going to perform well. I never knew and neither will you.

However, I should make one thing clear in addition to the above. If you are a novice that has never placed a trade before, obviously the best way to learn in the beginning is to only trade one strategy. Anything more than that is going to be overwhelming, until you get to know your trading platform inside and out and used to what’s going on.

After getting used to trading one stock market technique, then start thinking about diversifying and using several methods. You’ll not only find that it can smooth out your equity curve, but it can also smooth out your mood during the trading week as well. 😉

This part of the website might expand. I added a section below where visitors can contribute ideas, methods or strategies along with charts, so if interested, you might what to check back here occasionally to see if there’s anything new.
Click on the chart or link below to get an explanation of each strategy:

MACD Trading System screenshot

MACD Trading System
slow stochastic trading strategy screenshot

Slow Stochastic Trading Strategy
ADX trading Strategy screenshot

ADX Indicator Strategy
momentum trading strategy screenshot

Momentum Trading (%R) Strategy
channel trading strategy screenshot

Simple Channel Trading System
stochastic trading strategy screenshot

Stochastic Oscillator Trading Strategy
MACD Divergence Trading screenshot

Divergence Trading Strategy
Stock trading within channels screenshot

Channeling Stocks Strategy
MACD Histogram Stock Market Strategy screenshot

MACD Histogram Strategy
Keltner channel trading method screenshot

Keltner Channel Strategy
stock trading using moving averages screenshot

Moving Average Crossover Strategy
CCI Index screenshot

Commodity Channel Index Strategy
$TICK Trading Strategies screenshot

NYSE TICK Indicator Strategies
stock trading pullback strategy screenshot

Trading Pullbacks Strategy
RSI Divergence Trading Strategy screenshot

RSI Indicator Reverse Divergence Trading Strategy
Fibonacci Trading Strategy Screenshot

Fibonacci Trading Strategy


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